How to become confident by understanding your anxiety.

Anxiety is a disease.


It’s the worst kind of disease—the kind with symptoms that are invisible to the host.


As the anxiety oozes its way into your psyche, it covers its tracks. You cannot see what is happening because the anxiety affects how you see.


You are the proverbial fish who doesn’t know what water is, if the water was toxic.


In Man’s Guide to Anxiety, I show you how to recognize and understand anxiety. The extent to which anxiety has ruined your life, it can improve your life. Anxiety can be your nourishment when you understand how to use it.


A few things you will learn from Man’s Guide to Anxiety:

• The only two causes of anxiety, and the only three things you can do with anxiety.

• A blueprint that shows you how to turn your anxiety into confidence in any situation.

• How anxiety affects your life outside of your awareness.

• The most common signs of anxiety.

• How to overcome a specific fear (spoiler: facing the fear is only the tip of the iceberg).

• How your anxiety can be a source of tremendous power.


Sigmund Freud wrote more than 1500 pages on anxiety. The 20th Century added exponentially to Freud’s theories. If you don’t know what to look for, you can dig for years and come out with only a headache of information.


While earning my Master’s in psychology, I did more than research anxiety—I conceptualized it. The result is Man’s Guide to Anxiety. No other resource summarizes and simplifies anxiety, giving you, for once, the ability to wrap your mind around it.


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